Window Cleaning FAQ’s

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How often should I clean my commercial windows?

For restaurants and retail spaces it’s recommended that you have your windows professionally cleaned at least once a month. This is typically long enough for main entrance windows to become smudged by hand prints, and for the exterior windows to accumulate dust and grime from the streets. For industrial commercial buildings it is recommended twice a year.

How often should I clean my residential windows?

Windows should be washed twice a year. If you’re in a forest, next to the ocean, or in a city, consider washing your windows at least once a month. If your house is in a place where dirt and pollen don’t always stick, consider cleaning windows every twice a year or so.

Do recently cleaned windows get dirty when a rainstorm comes thru?

No, rain is generally pure distilled water that does not leave dirt spots, spotting occurs when rain contacts the dirt on a already dust or dirty window.

What happens when you don’t clean your windows?

Once the glass is weakened, it becomes more susceptible to breaking. Caked on dirt can also cause discoloration and permanently damage the opacity of the glass, leaving you with windows that always look a bit dirty, even when they are clean.

What happens when house or irrigation water hits my glass?

Hard Water can develop many ways on glass. When water house or irrigation comes in contact with glass it will spot. If it is light and the water hits the glass often the light spots will turn whiter as time goes on.

Can Hard Water be removed or restored off of my glass?

Yes, we have restored hundreds of customers home and shower glass.

Can the glass be protected by hard water damaging my glass?

Yes, we have a nano technology that is wiped on and then squeegeed off. Hard Water bonds to the sealant and is removed easier the next time around. To keep hard water off permanently, change where your sprinklers are spraying (wind will carry water into your glass) or go with a drip system. 

What do failed IG Units look like?


IG Unit to left shows condensation between the double pane glass

A INEXPERIENCED window cleaner put Hydrofluoric Acid on the glass and etched it

Lime from the concrete runoff left buildup. Had to be restored.




Why do I have scratches in my new glass?

Scratches can occur many ways- ASK TO SEE OUR WAIVER FOR MORE DETAILS

  1. At the manufacturer during window fabrication (between IG units)
  2. Lathing wire 
  3. On delivery and install (if you see suction cups on your glass it was from the installers. This can be removed by us)
  4. General Contractor (anybody on the jobsite is a potential problem if the glass is not protected)
  5. Cement & Gravel crews
  6. Stucco crews
  7. Electricians crews
  8. Plumbers crews
  9. Sheet rocking crews 
  10. Texture crews
  11. Plasterer crews
  12. Painter crews
  13. Siding crews
  14. Unqualified window cleaners




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