Certification Training

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Chemical Training

Chemical Training Certificate – AaronDownload

Chemical Training Certificate – RoryDownload

Chemical Training Certificate – DakotaDownload

Respiratory Training

Respiratory Training Certificate – AaronDownload

Respiratory Training Certificate – RoryDownload

Respiratory Training Certificate – DakotaDownload

1910 Training

1910 Training Certificate – RoryDownload

1910 Training Certificate – DakotaDownload

GlassRenu Training

GlassRenu Certificate – AaronDownload

GlassRenu Certificate – RoryDownload

Certificate – StephenDownload

GlassRenu Certificate – GavinDownload

Water-fed Pole Training

Water-fed-Pole Certificate – GavinDownload

We all want a reasonable price on services. Here are some questions you may want to ask all companies before hiring them

  1. Ask to see proof of insurance
  2. Ask how many years they been in business
  3. Ask if they are members of IWCA (International Window Cleaners Assoc) Or if they belong to the PWNA (Pressure Washers of America)
  4. Ask if they have gone thru any training of OSHA programs and have certifications for their employees & business
  5. Ask to show that your paying workers compensation. (State Fund)
  6. Ask if they have a contractor # and show it to you. Pressure Washers, New Construction Cleanup, Gutter Repairs MUST ACQUIRE A CONTRACTORS LICENSE from CSLB (California State Licensing Board)

Just because they have all the legit looks of a company, they may not be paying for all of those things above.

It is even more true if they roll up to your home and have NO logo’s on vehicles, shirts, invoices, no website and ask for cash only

Our company takes pride in customer service. We are extremely cautious of your safety and well being.