Solar Cleaning FAQ’s

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How often should you clean your solar panels?

How often you should clean your panels depends on where you live and what your panels are exposed to. It’s a good idea to check them periodically, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned them.

At the very least you should do an annual cleaning of your panels. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning at least twice a year. This tends to result in a 1 to 60% increase in efficiency.

If you live in the southwestern United States, you’ll want to clean your panels more frequently. It tends to rain less here, so you won’t even get that moderate rinse of your panels every few days or weeks. It’s also a good idea to clean your panels more often if you live near a freeway, airport, or factories because your panels will be exposed to more pollution.

In addition to cleaning your panels of film and dirt buildup, you’ll want to keep an eye on your panels if they are exposed to falling leaves and debris, or if it snows. It’s a good idea to clean your panels at the end of winter if you’ve been unable to clean them due to the colder temps. This washes away snow residue and leaves from the autumn.

One of the best ways to determine if your panels need cleaning is to keep an eye on your power. If you notice a decrease in efficiency it could mean your panels are in need of a cleaning. Not keeping your panels clean will cost you money in the long run and can put the lifespan of your panels at risk. When it comes to cleaning solar panels it’s better to err on the side of safety and efficiency.