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Six Key Things to Keep in Mind for Hiring Best Window cleaners

Window cleaning is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it! And if you’re going to be the one, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Here are six key things to discover before hiring best window cleaners.

  1. How long have you been in business?

While many window cleaners are new to the trade, it’s always good to do your research before choosing a new service. You can find out by asking for proof or certificates of insurance and background checks. If they are hesitant about providing this information, be wary. This could mean that they are not confident about their workmanship or services, so ask yourself if you’d want them working on your building.

Being in business for some time is a good sign because it means more opportunities to clean different types of buildings – making them better at what they do! However, there are also plenty of window cleaners who have only just begun their own services after being inspired by watching another company operate.

Best Window Cleaners

Best Window Cleaners

  1. Are they insured?

This is a very important question to ask any contractor, not just window cleaners. It’s good to know that the business you are considering hiring has its employees fully covered by insurance for both general liability and workers’ compensation/accident benefits liability. If they cannot show this information to you during the contracting process, then take your business elsewhere! Insurance protects you as much as it does them in case there is an accident on site. It will also protect the cleaner from being sued for accidents that may occur while they’re working on your property.

  1. How long have they been using the tools and equipment necessary for cleanings?

Tools such as ladders or specialized cleaning tools need to be used carefully in order to be effective. If they are brand new to the industry, inexperienced cleaners could mean accidents while working on your building. Ask them if they have suits and gloves for each one of their employees who will be working on your site. Have they had any accidents since starting their service? How long ago was the last accident?

  1. Are they eco-friendly?

Window cleaning can leave a huge carbon footprint – it’s one of the most energy-consuming parts of construction! You don’t want that kind of strain on your ecology just for beautiful windows. Ask them how often they clean using water only (instead of using chemicals). Also, ask if their equipment is greener than other options currently available in the market; perhaps inquire about getting some of their equipment for yourself and your business.

  1. Do they have an emergency number?

Window cleaners won’t be the only people at your building, so it’s important to know ahead of time how you can contact window cleaners in case of an emergency. If something were to happen at your building during cleanings, what would happen if the cleaner is not there? Or what happens if all workers are occupied with other tasks, such as a power outage or security breach? Having a dedicated emergency line means that someone will always be on hand in case anything goes wrong.

Best Window Cleaners

Best Window Cleaners

  1. Will this service provide a satisfaction guaranteed?

Finally, include some kind of satisfaction guarantee when hiring window cleaners! Trusting anyone with expensive equipment or valuable services takes time to build, so you should always establish a good contract before working with them. This way, if anything goes wrong during cleanings or after they’ve cleaned for you, it can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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